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    Update: System refuses to boot with CMI audio card or Sil SATA controller installed (even when I use an SATA controller with Mac compatible firmware).
    Radeon HD 4770 won't boot and FirePro V3800 and V4800 cards produce the wrong colors, distorted incorrectly formatted screens, and lockups during initial preference settings.
    Had to resort to using a 2.5" laptop drive as my SSD is not recognised (and I didn't want to reformat my 3.5" OSX boot drive).
    Oh, and I can't get the wireless network card to work.
    The 1900GT video card occasionally locks up (probably overheating vram) and the OS has decided that my monitor can only run at 31.5 MHz with an 800 by 600 resolution (I'll have to research that).
    Guess I need to buy another wireless card.
    Expansion slots are too close together and I ditched that flimsy metal shield Apple had installed on the inside of the case openings (pain in the ass to keep in place).
    I still need to install the SDK, Chrysalis pack, and Wayfarer.
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