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    amifrog wrote:
    But what if i need the more performant gfx card in the fastest slot, for MacOsX apps supporting multiple cores and Core Image etc. but this card is not compatible with MorphOS?
    Will it work with a comp. card in one of the x8 slots and ignore the unusable Radeon in the x16 slot?

    When you write "Will it work", I'm guessing that you mean "Will MacOSX work" and the answer should be yes, MacOSX will find the video card that it supports, no matter what PCIe slot it is placed in, and should ignore the Radeon video card with the PC bios. I can't confirm this is what happens (yet), but this is what I think happens from what I have read here and on other forums. I assume that if your "more performant gfx card" is capable of using the full bandwidth of a 16x PCIe slot, but you put it into a 8x slot, it should be backward compatible and just work at a lower performance, but there is some question about this opinion in different threads. Maybe some 16x video cards will not work at all when placed into an 8x slot?
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