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    I moved my Quad G5 from one room it was stored in, to another room, and reading this thread is making me want to get it set up, so I can use it and experience the extra performance, compared to my 17" 1.67GHz G4 PowerBook, which is the only other MorphOS system of mine that I can get to at this point in time. I have forgotten which video card the previous owner put in it, but I think it is one of the Radeon x1900 varieties, so near the top of the list of best performing supported video cards for MorphOS. I also think that he installed a networking card, and maybe even additional USB ports on a PCIe card? (Nope, just looked and no USB card, but it does have two video cards, both with dual DVI ports, so I think one of them is an NVidia card).
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