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    Zetec-s wrote:
    Another update.

    Had another chance to look at this and as a last resort moved the x1900xtx to the x8 PCIe slot and guess what it works!

    When I got the machine I thought it was weird that the GeForce was in the x8 slot but I still managed to use the x16 slot with the x1300pro. So not sure if the x16 slot is potentially damaged.

    I’ve now got the x1900xtx in slot 3 (x8 speed) and my network card in slot 2 (x4 speed).

    Haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet but from two minute test the issues I was having with tinygl have been removed.

    Only weird but is that it’s only showing as having 256m of memory rather than the full 512m.

    I’ll have more of a play around over the weekend now and see how I get on.

    Don't know if this is related but I used to have an RX560 which is x8 and it wouldn't work in the x16 slot in my 7700k machine. Recently upgraded to an RX590 which is x16 and that does work in the x16 slot.

    I thought the slots were supposed to be backwards compatible but it appears not.
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