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    2. Now I know the machine works, I’ve sourced a x1900xtx from eBay that looks like it might never have been used. I’ve also purchased the additional power lead but I’m struggling to see where on the motherboard I take the power from, so any help there would be appreciated. Card won’t turn up for a while so I’ve got time to get to the bottom of this.

    There are also adapter cables for using the onboard proprietary power connetor (on the mainboard left to the upmost PCIe slot, in the top left corner) to PCIe 6-pin power connector. I got one on ebay, costed about 10-12 EUR.

    I’ve bought one like this one;


    I’ve got it off eBay but it’s the same 6 pin to 6pin design.

    Will that work or do I need a splitter?
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