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    Brumiga wrote:

    I have founded on 'leboncoin' a graphic card , it name is 'apple amd/ati x1900xt 512 mb mac pro x1900xtx', price 50 €, https://www.leboncoin.fr/informatique/1864230286.htm/ . Could it be possible this graphic card to be compatible with powermac g5 dual or quad core pci-e like yours ?


    I’ve seen these on UK eBay for around £50 but I think they are flashed for intel based Macs so I don’t think they will work even as a secondary card.

    I’ve actually bought a x1300pro for £4 off eBay this morning and I’m going to see if that works first as it’s so cheap, I thought it was worth a try as it’s on the supported graphics card list.

    I’ve also bought a brand new network card for less than £10 so hopefully I can get this up and running next week.
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