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    mac-boot hd:\boot.img BD=MorphOS

    -> it launch Mac OS X and hangs on the screen with the Apple logo (so no result)

    boot hd:\boot.img BD=MorphOS

    -> message "can't find "boot.img"" or something like that.

    BTW, I have connected the two harddrives on another Power Mac G5. And I can boot Mac OS X, MorphOS and the MorphOS CD.

    So it's not an hardware problem (as ASD 2.5.8 says) and not a harddrive/system problem (since I can boot with the very same harddrives on another machine).

    I guess it's a PRAM problem but since I can't erase/reinitialise it (with the reset button on the mother board ou with the command on the Open Firmware), I'm stuck. :-(
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