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    Daff wrote:
    @koszer: I don't have the adequat tools to remove the CPU. So I will try other ideas for now.

    @amifrog: I have no FireWire device. Even if it works, the boot problem with MorphOS HD will be present.

    I will try different memory.

    I think you should try a different MorphOS CD, or booting from a USB memory stick, as old optical drives are known to be flaky from time to time. Or, if you have access to a 2nd optical drive that you can connect to your G5, maybe that will allow you to boot both MorphOS and MacOSX CD's/DVD's?

    Edit: As for why your installation of MorphOS on your hdd is not booting, I don't have an answer, and there may be more than one problem with your G5. Perhaps it is something more serious, like a logic board fault, and my suggestion regarding the optical drive being at fault is false. I admit I didn't fully read all of this thread before my initial response above. Good luck finding a solution.

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