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    Thank you.

    But in this case - for once i found this out myself - it is much more simple:
    MorphOS does recognize my monitor: Philips Brilliance 241B. But obviously assigns a wrong freqeuncy of 75Hz.

    ---> System: Prefs/Preferences/Monitors

    Under monitor specifications my monitor is listed.
    Choosing '24Bit 1920 x 1080' under Screen resolutions and then 'Edit....'.
    And there a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p (60hz) is available.
    And yes, it works! :)

    I have only one question:
    What is the difference between '1920x1080p(60hz)', '1920x1080 (60hz)' and '1920x1080(60hz)CVRB2'?
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