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    Primax wrote:

    Thank you very much for the hint!
    Yes, I could boot with the help of the USB-Stick.

    But I do not know what to do then...
    Because: In Prefs/Screens the correct graphics card is set (X1650Pro).
    Do I have to copy this prefs? Is this X1650 configuration only saved for/on the USB-Stick?

    The only strange issue: In prefs/monitors a wrong monitor (31kHZ) is set. But also if I enter there the correct values of my monitor, save and then try to boot with the SSD disk, I get the 'wrong screen resolution' message....

    It's good that it works when booted from the USB stick, then you can get it to work from the installed system too.

    Withouth thinking this too well now, I'd have couple quick suggestions. You could remove (or rename to different name to be revertable) the System:Prefs/Env-Archive/MUI/screens.txt file. This defines which resolution and monitor Ambient and other screens are trying to open. And if this doesn't help, try the same with the System:Prefs/Env-Archive/sys/PublicScreens.prefs file.

    I think that if these files are missing, MorphOS tries to use something that it finds for defaults and it should work as booted from the installation media. These are probably created only after user has manually saved some related settings...

    And of course you could try to boot MorphOS into some default resolution instead to a saved one. Press the CTRL key during the startup to get it forced to the 1024x768@75Hz VESA mode, or press the Shift key or LMB to get into the early startup boot menu where you can select between some other modes.

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