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    zukow schrieb:

    The best card for X5000 with MorphOS is X1950XT. It supports 3d, overlay, 2d acceleration. it is quite cheap but powerfull. It is also supported by AmigaOs4.x although without 3d.

    I am currently trying to replace my Radeon HD5450 by the X1950 XT, at least for testing purpose because the card is too big for regular usage.
    The question: Do I have to manually change something in the options of MorphOS because after having booted the X5000, the Boing Ball appears, then the MOrphOS boot loader starts and then a black screen appears saying: Wrong screen resolution, set it to 1920x1080@60Hz.
    But I cannot do anything..

    Any hints?

    Have you already found and installed a XT? Any experiences?
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