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    Hello guys,
    I am trying to boot on my X5000/40 MorphOS using a USB, but it stacks after bootmorphos and doesn't load at all.

    The last printed messages are:
    Trying to load "bootcyrusplus.img" from "SDH0:"...
    Loaded "bootcyrusplus.img" from "SDH0:", booting...

    After that stays on uboot grey screen without proceeding.

    Tested 4 different sticks but no luck with any of them. I also tried with no hard disk plugged in.

    In case the Gfx cards I tried on my machine are not supported, would I see something after that step, for example black screen or grumbled graphics? I tested an HD770, R9 280X and a Gigabyte GV-R725XOC-2GI.

    Any recommendation?
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