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    Generally I think it is a better solution to get a setup that can run MorphOS right now than to wait for some support that may or may not arrive.

    Of course this is something that users with specific setups don't want to hear, and of course it is inconvenient if you can't have best of the both (or multiple) worlds easily in your system.

    We really need to focus on things that give most benefit for all users, not just some rather small subset of users of one particular system/setup. We also look at the registration numbers of specific models to see where the focus should be put. Before anyone asks, yes, we do understand that lacking driver support might not encourage registrations.

    Please don't read too much into this comment. It is not an official statement of any kind, just a friendly reminder that while some things would be great to have (from your point of view), it still might not happen anytime soon, if at all. You could be waiting for a very long time (if not forever).
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