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    > we are limited to northern island and lower cards.

    It's more complicated than that because the actual GPU microarchitecture line doesn't run along the graphics card family line. The Northern Islands (HD6000) family of cards also contains such with TeraScale 3 GPU (HD69x0) that isn't really supported by MorphOS. Likewise, the Southern Islands (HD7000) family of cards also contains such with TeraScale 2 GPU (HD7670 and below), which are supported by MorphOS. Even higher-numbered cards such as HD8000 family up to HD8490, and Rx 200 family up to R5 235 have supported TeraScale 2 GPU.
    Btw, there's some ambiguity whether the names "Evergreen", "Northern Islands", "Southern Islands", "Sea Islands", "Volcanic Islands", "Caribbean Islands" and "Arctic Islands" denote graphics cards families (HD5000, HD6000, HD7000, HD8000, Rx 200, RX 300 and RX 400/500) or GPU microarchitecture generations (TeraScale 2, TeraScale 3, GCN1, GCN2, GCN3 and GCN4/Polaris). As you can see I assume the former, but even if assuming the latter, MorphOS support would be limited to Evergreen, not Northern Islands.
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