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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > it’s fast [...]. I am surprised.

    This would come as a surprise for me too. How fast is 'fast' (in terms of CPU benchmarks like dnetc, for instance)? I assume that despite both cores being Book III-E, the PPC440H6 core is running fully emulated on the e5500 core, rather than using KVM-PR to emulate just the supervisor instructions.

    Indeed QEMU is quite fast in CPU/Memory related tasks.
    With TCG dinamic compiler all powerpc code is translated in host native asm code, with instruction cache support to avoid to repeat the same work again and again..
    Tested it with various software on OS4 and MOS, some written/ported by myself :-)
    Big slowdown appears on GFX task, at least on OS4.1 emulation.
    This specific issue is, at least partially, due the SM501 emulated board and it's internal 32bit mode VS only 16bit screenmodes support on amiga side.

    Balaton Zoltan is developing an ATI vga alternative for both MOS/OS4 that shouild be faster and more compatible, even for 3d stuff.
    He is also planning a Pegasos2 virtual board for QEMU and possibility to run MOS/OS4 in KVM mode on powerpc machines like Powermacs G4/G5.
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