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    > The other Rx or 7xxx cards listed on the page are no Polaris cards.

    Even worse than not being Polaris/GCN4 cards, they are not even GCN1 cards ;-)

    > Radeon R5 230 is a relabeled HD6450 which is a minimally improved
    > HD5450 itself. All 3 sharing the same chipset

    Both R5 230 and HD6450 use Caicos (RV910), but HD5450 uses Cedar (RV810). They are certainly not the same.

    > which is certainly not the same the other Radeon Rx cards (being Polaris).

    There are also many Rx cards between TeraScale 2 and GCN4/Polaris:
    - GCN1: R5/R7/R9 240/250/265/270/280/330/340/350/370/430/435/450/520
    - GCN2: R7/R9/RX 260/290/295/360/390/455
    - GCN3: R9 285/380/Fury/Nano/530
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