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    > I'm still confused about the level of redundancy. Which processor makes the
    > comparison of the results of the first three and passes the data to the PPC?

    As I understand it, for each of the three dual-core x86 CPUs, the two results of the two cores are compared by the x86 CPU itself. If the two results from both cores match, it is sent to the PPC CPU. The PPC CPU then compares the three results coming from the three x86 CPUs, and will go with the result that matches between at least two of the three x86 CPUs.

    >>> What he utters at 8:55 sounds pretty clueless, though ;-)

    >> It does descend into freeform babble at that point.

    I find the notion that such radiation-hardened parts (which cost 6 to 7 digit figures per part) could be bought "years ago" at Amazon, Newegg or BestBuy, or could be simply bought used today, nothing short of ridiculous.
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