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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > ARM in general not yet so powerful like x86-64, so there is a gap for MorphOS.
    > And both ARM and Power are used by enthusiast - also gap for MorphOS.

    What I meant was that if MorphOS makes no sense on x64 because it runs also Linux, then why should MorphOS make sense on ARM or Power where Linux runs as well?

    Again - important is what makes sense to Morphos-team guys. Not for me. But if you ask:
    Have a big sense to have MorphOS for example on my BananaPro or many other small "slow" SBCs. Yes, I have linux here, but.. Lazy, ugly compares to MOS on Pegasos2.
    And on Power? Power is Morphos "native" CPU. Talos/Blackbird are powerful modern computers. A1X5k / A1X1k are "new", but not modern. Not mention to Sam460Ex. Nevertheless it was very good job from A-Eon and A-Cube.
    When Morphos was borned, there was Pegasos - relatively modern and capable (i.e. not so far behind) these days compares to PC world. What computer can buy new users like gz3fwd?
    Btw, I have no problem to install MorphOS even to one lpar on s922 ;-) - the day is long an boring sometimes ;-)

    Sorry for offtopic.
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