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    > Commodore bankrupted and the interwebs was born.

    ...or rather widespread. The WWW precedes Commodore's bankruptcy.

    > MorphOS started early and had negotiations with McBill's Amiga Inc
    > to become OS4. [...] MorphOS was largely seen as a curiosity in these
    > days as there were other similar (though simpler) projects like pOS.

    Development of pOS was abandoned before MorphOS development even started silently and years before first MorphOS beta release. Maybe I'm misinterpreting your implied timeline, but pOS and MorphOS certainly weren't contemporaries.

    > this game company's laywer started making statements like
    > "MorphOS is based on stolen code", it was "illegal"

    Remarkably, this lawyer was also one of the company's managing partners. And let's not forget who really started making those statements and kept on repeating them for at least a decade.

    > It simply got worse with actual lawsuits between companies

    Interestingly, the only somewhat "blue vs. red" lawsuit (Thendic/Genesi vs. Amiga Inc.) wasn't really about anything red (AmigaOS) or blue (MorphOS), even though the plaintiffs unsuccessfully tried to drag OS4 into this.

    > People who want to distance themselves from the name and forge
    > a new path on industry standard hardware, largely go blue.

    I can only speak for myself, but when I switched from AmigaOS 3.x to MorphOS 1.x, it wasn't to distance myself from the name. It was because I cared less for the name than for the technology and who offered it first. Had negotiations between MorphOS team and Amiga Inc. been successfull, I'd have remained an AmigaOS user :-)
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