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    > Atom bios [...] is not present on G5 edition.

    Yes, I know. I'd have thought the Linux developers had catered to this difference. Pity they didn't.

    > fully-64bit/SMP MorphOS on [...] PA6T, [...] T2080

    I doubt we'll ever see MorphOS (NG or current gen) on Nemo/X1000. MorphOS on the T2080-based notebook would be nice (if it ever comes).

    >>> Next makes me sense go to PPC(le) - like Talos or Blackbird

    >> The nice thing about POWER9 is that it can still run in BE mode for legacy compatibility.

    > yes. And POWER8 also.

    Problem with POWER8 is the lack of a nice and relatively small and affordable desktop/workstation like the Blackbird is for POWER9.

    >>> migration to x86-64 for me means show stopper. [...] what advantage
    >>> MorphOS have over Win, linux or unix?

    >> Linux/Unix also run on non-x64 (ARM, Power etc.).

    > ARM in general not yet so powerful like x86-64, so there is a gap for MorphOS.
    > And both ARM and Power are used by enthusiast - also gap for MorphOS.

    What I meant was that if MorphOS makes no sense on x64 because it runs also Linux, then why should MorphOS make sense on ARM or Power where Linux runs as well?
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