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    >> Powermac G5 Quad with Radeon X1900-G5-ed ([...] no lnx)
    >I'm surprised that Linux doesn't support this. That's not what I had expected.

    Doesn't. At least not out-of-the box. It runs framebuffer with modesetting disabled, but enabling causes 'invalid ROM contents' - it has something to do with Atom bios, which is not present on G5 edition. Standart X1900 cards are reported as working with powerpc linux.

    >> For future will be great x64 - here I mean PPC(be)x64 + SMP to utilize
    >> todays NG Amigas and old Powermac G5.
    >What's "PPC(be)x64"? Some hybrid-ISA CPU yet to be developed? :-) PA6T, P5020 and PPC970 are >PPC64(-BE), no x64 inside. Btw, Tabor/A1222's P1022 is just 32-bit.

    It means PPC64 big endian, with fully-64bit/SMP MorphOS on it. For G5, PA6T, P5020/040, T2080 and whatever obscure.

    >> Next makes me sense go to PPC(le) - like Talos or Blackbird
    >The nice thing about POWER9 is that it can still run in BE mode for legacy compatibility.

    yes. And POWER8 also.

    >> migration to x86-64 for me means show stopper. [...] what advantage
    >> MorphOS have over Win, linux or unix?
    >Linux/Unix also run on non-x64 (ARM, Power etc.).

    of course, but ARM in general not yet so powerful like x86-64, so there is a gap for MorphOS.
    And both ARM and Power are used by enthusiast - also gap for MorphOS.
    But in x86-64 world? I don't know - I am not developer or project leader - it is not my decision. But me personally don't have any reason to use MorphOS on standard PC.
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