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    > Such red vs blue wars [...] are very common since Amiga birth ;-)

    I'd say they started much later, namely with Commodore's death that was followed by weak leadership, or none at all, and in consequence the remaining 3rd parties weren't able or willing to agree to common standards, so that often at least two incompatible standards existed concurrently. I don't remember such intra-Amiga "wars" being prevalent during the Commodore era.

    > Powermac G5 Quad with Radeon X1900-G5-ed ([...] no lnx)

    I'm surprised that Linux doesn't support this. That's not what I had expected.

    > For future will be great x64 - here I mean PPC(be)x64 + SMP to utilize
    > todays NG Amigas and old Powermac G5.

    What's "PPC(be)x64"? Some hybrid-ISA CPU yet to be developed? :-) PA6T, P5020 and PPC970 are PPC64(-BE), no x64 inside. Btw, Tabor/A1222's P1022 is just 32-bit.

    > Next makes me sense go to PPC(le) - like Talos or Blackbird

    The nice thing about POWER9 is that it can still run in BE mode for legacy compatibility (AIX, IBM i).

    > migration to x86-64 for me means show stopper. [...] what advantage
    > MorphOS have over Win, linux or unix?

    Linux/Unix also run on non-x64 (ARM, Power etc.).

    > Do I need stability ?

    Stability is always nice, but indeed hard to achieve without memory protection as soon as you don't just want to run OS components.

    > Do I need fast OS? I don't take MorphOS

    MorphOS is a lightning-fast OS, mainly thanks to its lack of memory protection :-)
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