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    qz3fwd wrote:
    I bought the x5000 board primarily for OS4, then stumbled upon MOS after reading about some past red vs blue war. Very sad for both sides. Like little children on both sides. I wanted to triple boot OS4, MOS, Linux but I now see PPC BE is largely dead from mainstream developer support. Linux 3D drivers have some long standing bug, Javascript engines with broken BE behavior, Hyperion nowhere to be found but maybe in court. Thank god for Trevor and A-Eon bringing new hardware to market and seeming to pick up software/kernel development too. It is what it is and I knew there were limitations going in. Expensive board yes-but I like it. I really do think there is an advantage in supporting new hardware-not stuck in decade old hardware. Thanks for porting MOS to the board. I will probably buy 1 of the suggested cards for MOS. OTOH I came to "niche" systems precisely as they are not x86 and with that being said I have little interest in MOS-x64.

    My next project is an ARM64 workstation build. Dan A4 case, SolidRun LX2160 board, NVMe, DDR4, PCIE, undecided on which AMD GPU.

    Thanks for all the suggestions

    Heck once MOS-x64 is out, surely the devs write architecture agnostic code and will support modern GPU's & features they might think to themselves about those forum posters asking about GPU drivers and just maybe change arch from x64 to PPCBE and "port" their new drivers to the "old" system? Haha

    Yes, I agree. Such red vs blue wars are stupid. Unfortunately they are very common since Amiga birth ;-) I can say it is our hobby ;-)

    With graphics cards is allways problem if you want have two or three OSes on one machine. You have to select priority an buy card according to it - I have:
    Pegasos2 with Radeon 9800PRO (+MOS, -AOS, +lnx)
    Powermac G5 Quad with Radeon X1900-G5-ed (+MOS, no lnx), Radeon HD6570 (-MOS, +lnx)
    AmigaOne X1000 with Radeon HD7970 (+AOS, -lnx), Radeon HD6670 (-AOS, +lnx)
    fortunatelly my 'bigger' machines are two gfx card capable, with X5000 is harder situation. Personally - I will select here Radeon HD6970 (Cayman XT) - it have 2D with MOS+AOS, 3D with linux. But I don't play fps games.

    I also agree that Trevor made good job. Yes, it is old-designed, underpowered and expensive. But it is. I bought A1X1000 an I will buy also Tabor if ever will be. And I know that here is price/power nearly nonsense, but for me it makes sense.

    For future will be great x64 - here I mean PPC(be)x64 + SMP to utilize todays NG Amigas and old Powermac G5.
    Next makes me sense go to PPC(le) - like Talos or Blackbird, or ARM - why not?
    It is hobby, or "niche" or freedom or simply it is different.

    But migration to x86-64 for me means show stopper. Yes, we will have cheap powerful hardware. But what advantage MorphOS have over Win, linux or unix? Do I need gaming or modern features ? I have win or Ubuntu, maybe SteamOS. Do I need stability ? I have Fedora or Open Suse or BSDs. Do I need fast OS? I don't take MorphOS - I will buy Threadripper, DDR4, NVMe...
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