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    On the Sam460ex you can select which video card is initialized first via U-Boot.
    Not sure what happens if there is also a non supported PCie graphics card installed as well with MorpOS.
    (AMIGAOS 4.1FE does boot to Workbench in this case. Linux would also give a text console on the SM502 as well when I list tried).
    I can't remember every getting the onboard video to work with MorphOS but this was a couple of years ago.
    May give it a try again . Now have a single slot Polaris Rx550 installed so easier to swap
    cards for testing.
    My problems then were with the onboard Ethernet also booting from the SDcard image for some reason .
    I no longer have a DVD drive attached to the Sam460ex.
    The SDcard image worked perfectly with my X5000 at that time though .


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Can I suggest a bootimage with a headless option for Sam460ex and X5000
    > with the VNC Server as the default display ?

    MorphOS supports the onboard SM502 graphics of the Sam460ex fine. Or is there a problem with MorphOS using the SM502 as soon as an unsupported PCIe graphics card is installed (similarly to the X5000)? It would make sense for the Sam460cr in any case.
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