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    > Go to hyperions forums stating you got a Cyrus Plus board
    > for MorphOS, but you want a gfx card that will work fully with
    > both operating systems. Please report back how it goes ;-)

    The difference is that with any fully MorphOS-supported card installed in the X5000 you can still run OS4 in 2D, while with any fully OS4-supported card you cannot run MorphOS at all.

    > developers that publicly wish their own customers [...] would die in a fire

    To be fair, this was only one single developer ;-)

    > X5000 should have never been supported. It was largely done in
    > response to a handful of people who claimed they only would use
    > MorphOS if they could buy brand new hardware, price be damned.

    Seems they didn't learn from the previous Sam460 fiasco ;-)
    (In their defense it should be said that by the time MorphOS was released for the Sam460, the Sam460ex had been superseded by the inferior Sam460cr which had several MorphOS-supported components removed that never could all be replaced by supported PCIe cards due to a severe MorphOS bug even unresolved today, AFAIK.)

    > The OS4 side went completely without 3D acceleration at all on [...] X5000

    This is not true. The graphics cards the X5000 was delivered with were 3D-supported (Warp3D, Warp3D Nova, OpenGL ES 2) by A-Eon right from the X5000 release in 2016.

    > until FINALLY relatively recently did a 3rd party fill the void Hyperion
    > couldn't or wouldn't.

    We're talking about 5 years ago for Warp3D and 4 years ago for Warp3D Nova.

    > MorphOS [...] only recently needed to start rolling PCIe drivers.

    The Sam460 port was released half a decade ago :-)

    > To this day OS4 aims to stay on expensive boutique PPC hardware.

    ...and emulators on cheap x86(-64) hardware (see Z3 RAM usage enabled by Hyperion).

    > MorphOS's goal over the last decade or so has been to use
    > inexpensive commodity hardware.

    Yes, one really wonders how the unpaid and certainly non-trivial Sam460 and X5000 ports fit this goal.
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