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    > I too have upgraded my card to a Radeon RX550 and quite happy with
    > how it works with OS4. [...] If you really want to try out MorphOS on this
    > motherboard you need a Radeon X1650-1950 card [...]. On the X5000
    > with a X1650-1950 card [...] You won’t have any legacy Warp3D software

    Let's not forget that legacy Warp3D support gets lost on OS4 with jumping from a GCN1-based card to a GCN4-based card like your RX550 also.

    > 3D support is patchy

    What does that mean?

    > the further up you go the card tree the worse the support and
    > less things will run.

    True, and the MorphOS hardware compatibility page clearly states which cards are supported in 2D+3D, 2D+overlay or just 2D.

    > Linux performance suffers too with anything less than a series 6000 card

    The author of comment #14 pointed out that Linux is good enough with anything from R600 (= HD2000 series) up and that Evergreen cards (= HD5000 series) are among the best supported. Maybe this is different between x64 Linux and PPC Linux?

    > They [...] said they have no interest in supporting newer graphics cards

    Is this what they really said or just what you think they said? I guess it's more about the available developer resources than about interest per se.
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