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    Welcome to MorphZone. If you have access to a G4 or G5 Power mac with Radeon gfx card, you'd have a better starting platform for MorphOS than the X5000 to test drive MorphOS. I'll try to fill some in some blanks here.


    qz3fwd wrote:
    Not sure why the developers are so hostile/negative to a simple question. Perfect attitude if your goal is to alienate new people to MorphOS and make them flee the project. X5000 is a "supported" platform after all.

    If you think that was a hostile reply, you are most definitely new to the Kommunity. Try reversing the rolls. Go to hyperions forums stating you got a Cyrus Plus board for MorphOS, but you want a gfx card that will work fully with both operating systems. Please report back how it goes ;-) Seriously, we are talking about developers that publicly wish their own customers who paid huge sums would die in a fire. I could only imagine someone they think is from the outside challenging them and how they would react.

    In my opinion as an end user, X5000 should have never been supported. It was largely done in response to a handful of people who claimed they only would use MorphOS if they could buy brand new hardware, price be damned. I'm sure the team wouldn't mind if some users moved over, but I doubt they expected many.

    There is almost zero synergy between the two camps. That typically only happens when a 3rd party on the OS4 side hires the MorphOS lead for a specific task. There are decades old deep issues with both sides, much of it particularly ugly.


    With that being said it is only natural for users to want the best GPU possible-not a 10+ year old card.

    If truly coming from the outside, sure. If coming from an Amiga lineage that went MorphOS, not so much.

    Most MorphOS users use 14+ year old computers. You could probably count on 1 hand how many MorphOS user specifically bought a Cyrus Plus (X5000 board) for it. I got my main G5 2.7Ghz and Radeon (AGP) X1950 *with* license cost me under $300, and that included about $100 in shipping costs. That G5 is faster than an X5000. I haven't even put together to use my PCIe 2.5Ghz G5 model, and this AGP model is faster in most benchmarks than an X5000. I'm not knocking you or anyone else who buys an X5000. I'm just explaining that most MorphOS users have preferred faster and vastly cheaper, over brand new but exponentially more expensive.

    Outside of bad blood between camps, there historically have been 2 completely different goals. The OS4 side went completely without 3D acceleration at all on X1000 and X5000, until FINALLY relatively recently did a 3rd party fill the void Hyperion couldn't or wouldn't. MorphOS OTOH has always had robust 3D, but only recently needed to start rolling PCIe drivers.


    Anyhow I hope to experience MOS soon. 1 thing it has that AOS4 does not is a IEEE1394 stack for my Lynx2 bus snooper card and 2nd OHCI compliant card. Awesome.

    Thanks for the help.

    Don't take any perceived snarkiness from devs to heart. To a man they are actually extremely friendly. I can see here why you may have thought it was meant that way, but it actually wasn't. It was being blunt to temper expectations. Cyrus Plus (X5000) is supported hardware, but only for MorphOS. OS4 is not a supported OS.

    Also again, the goal was probably never to try getting converters. To this day OS4 aims to stay on expensive boutique PPC hardware. MorphOS's goal over the last decade or so has been to use inexpensive commodity hardware. That started with the 2nd hand PPC Macs and will soon be brand new X86 hardware. One side wants PPC or bust, the other wants modern common hardware.
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