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    Hope you enjoying your new machine and Radeon RX580 setup. I too have upgraded my card to a Radeon RX550 and quite happy with how it works with OS4. I’d stick with it if I were you as there are some goodies coming your way that will be of benefit to your hardware.

    If you really want to try out MorphOS on this motherboard you need a Radeon X1650-1950 card even then be prepared for some disappointment as this most certainly is not the platform or hardware which will get the best out of the OS. On the X5000 with a X1650-1950 card which gives you the most options. You won’t have any legacy Warp3D software compared to a MacMini setup. 3D support is patchy and the further up you go the card tree the worse the support and less things will run.

    Linux performance suffers too with anything less than a series 6000 card and as you can see from the postings on here this port to the X5000 was done as some sort of proof of concept with no real interest in solving any issues or catering to what they regard as an indulged user base. They have openly come out and said they have no interest in supporting newer graphics cards, so if you want to run MorphOS get something old with an Apple badge on it.

    Enjoy what you have in front of you. Of course if like what you see It’s your choice to shell out for the licence fee. I’ve personally put the dedicated hard drive which had MorphOS running on it to a different use.
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