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    >> X5000 is a "supported" platform after all.

    > it's rather the "Nemo" motherboard [...] It's always a good habit to look at morphos-team.net
    > hardware compatibility list before buying a computer to run MorphOS on.

    Yes, the list claims support for the "AmigaOne X5000" computer with a footnote excluding support for R7 250, R7 260 and HD78x0 graphics cards, as well as support for the "A-EON X5000" mainboard. As long as the list of excluded graphics cards is being kept in sync with what the system has been sold with, I think this approach is sound (else it would be better to refer to the list of supported cards instead of having an incomplete list of the unsupported ones). But maybe they should better call the mainboard the "A-Eon Cyrus Plus" (not Nemo, which is the mainboard of the X1000) instead. It is only mentioned once on the entire MorphOS website, namely in the MorphOS 3.10 release notes.
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