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    qz3fwd wrote:
    Not sure why the developers are so hostile/negative to a simple question. Perfect attitude if your goal is to alienate new people to MorphOS and make them flee the project.

    Piru's answer was maybe a bit harsh, but not hostile to me.

    Every now and then we (I mean MorphZone users) notice an X5000 user that registers here to complain about not supporting his gfx card by MorphOS. That may be annoying at first time, but if gets repeated over and over again...


    X5000 is a "supported" platform after all.

    Actualy it's rather the "Nemo" motherboard, but nevertheless...
    So is Powermac G5 but not every gfx card this computer was sold with will work with MorphOS. It's always a good habit to look at morphos-team.net hardware compatibility list before buying a computer to run MorphOS on.


    With that being said it is only natural for users to want the best GPU possible-not a 10+ year old card

    Sometimes it's the 10+ year old card that's the best GPU available. For example - I could go and find a Radeon HD 3850 AGP (stil an old card, but surely newer and way faster than my Radeon X850XT) to put it in my PowerMac G5 but - as it currently offers no 3D acceleration - it would probably be just a waste of money.

    But! I have a good (IMO) solution to all X5000 GPU problems - all the users that badly need modern GPU support for MorphOS should contact two people:
    1. Hans de Ruiter that is doing the "driver" work for OS4 - for a possibility of bounty to write the necessary drivers for MorphOS too
    2. Someone from MorphOS team (to check if this can actually be done without additional low-level MorphOS codebase tinkering)

    I guess if an adequately large group of people (and resources) gathers around this idea it could be possible to make this two distant worlds meet after all.

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