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    > it is only natural for users to want the best GPU possible-not a 10+ year
    > old card. [...] I will pick up 1 of the recommended GPU's you guys stated
    > here to play around with.

    Please be aware that the two graphics cards I've mentioned in comment #3, albeit still available new, are 9 and 6 years old, respectively.

    > My RX580 is on a vertical riser and I guess I can disconnect it to use the
    > MorphOS card, but I dont see doing that long term. The RX580 GPU
    > acceleration on AOS4 is not something I want to walk away from.

    If you don't want to use one single card for both MorphOS and OS4 but rather switch cards, I recommend to not try MorphOS with any of the cards I've recommended in comment #3 but with a card that's 3D-supported by MorphOS. Unfortunately, due to age these cards are very hard to come by new (currently I can find new in the EU only a 13 years old RV516-based FireMV 2250 for 48 EUR, which might not even be whitelisted by MorphOS).

    > MOS [...] has [...] a IEEE1394 stack for my Lynx2 bus snooper card and
    > 2nd OHCI compliant card. Awesome.

    Just in case this isn't obvious anyway: MorphOS having a FireWire stack doesn't mean that all FireWire controllers or devices are supported automatically.
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