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    Piru wrote:
    My understanding was that 3D acceleration was desired. If this is not the case then of course the MorphOS supported 2D cards will do. However, whether these cards work with other OSes is another topic entirely, which I am not going to get into.

    In short: We are not able to provide a solution that will be satisfactory in all cases. This is the reality, there is no need to sugarcoat this.

    My intention was not to sugar coat anything, but just to offer a small bit of explanation, to the OP who stated that he is new to the Amiga experience, and hence probably would not understand your brief answer fully. My reply was intended to be brief (and by my standards it was), and to give the new person to our small community some clarification, which I hope it did.

    Like most users, he probably wants it all, both 2D and 3D acceleration to the fullest extent currently possible, on both OSes, using only one video card, which is not possible now, and unlikely in the near future. Personally, I don't believe there are enough X5000 owners interested in running MorphOS, to warrant taking development time away from other more important features, or from working on the port to x64 hardware.

    In response to the member here that blames A-Eon for not allowing multiple video cards, see Andreas_Wolf's reply, and you will see that it is not A-Eon who is to blame for that not working with MorphOS. For AmigaOS4 it appears that only one person is working on video card drivers, while for MorphOS, we have 1 main programmer who appears to focus on video card driver development, with help from 1 or 2 other team members (I could be wrong, and there might be more people working on them). I don't see how the company who contracted to have the motherboard produced can be blamed for driver development, specially when it is usually the OS developers who provide or contract out for driver development, with commercial OSes.

    Sorry, another reply that is longer than I intended.
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