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    Piru wrote:
    If you're not willing to buy a compatible used card you need to move along.

    A little harsh and abrupt, but I know that the wording of the OP could be triggering for some MorphOS users and it appears developers as well.

    To the original poster, if you want to experience MorphOS, then you have to buy a compatible video card, period. MorphOS is quite different than AmigaOS4.1FE, or what ever the current version is, and so the MorphOS Developers don't feel any obligation to create video card drivers just to help users run both MorphOS and AmigaOS4.1FE on the same GPU, and make dual boot systems easier on the user. The MorphOS Developers appear to be quite independent, and focus on the features they deem the most important to "MorphOS" users and themselves, as it is their creation, which they use and are proud of what they have accomplished. There are many X5000 users who wish that it were easier to run both MorphOS, and AmigaOS4.1FE on their systems, using the same video card, without any compromises in video card performance, but that is not currently possible, and might never be possible in the future, as there are two different teams working on separate projects, which work in different ways, so having the two OSes contain drivers for the same video card as their best performing solution, is highly unlikely, (IMHO).

    Don't take any of this personally, but it is natural for the MorphOS Dev. Team to work on things that benefit MorphOS users, and not for them to concentrate their time and energy, to support any certain video card, just so users of X5000 systems who want to run AmigaOS4.1FE, will have an easier time dual booting into both OSes. Although we continue to see improvements for the PPC version of MorphOS, the x64 version of MorphOS has already been confirmed, and a "Proof of Concept" has already been displayed at a show. I would imagine that most of the teams efforts are now concentrating on moving MorphOS to x64 hardware, to allow us the opportunity to move to cheaper, and more powerful systems, as well as hopefully creating a more modern, and full featured OS, during the port to new hardware.
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