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    JohnFante wrote:
    I have now tested a FirePro2260 I have (I also have a FireMV 2250 (PCIex1) but not tested that yet) and I can report that it works even if it is not listed in the official compabilitiy list :-). At least there is a picture:

    Picture of FirePro2260 recogniced

    I have not installed on a HD yet since I wanted to find out if I can install MorphOS on a HD attached to the SIL3114 card I have installed and boot from it OR if I have to install it to a drive attached to the main SATA ports.

    The drive attached to the SIL3114 shows up in the partition window so it should be usable but it is bootable?

    And can anybody point me the place in the documentation where I can see the correct partition layout for the X5000 - if there is any :-) I can not seem to find any info about that.

    Thank you in advance!

    Yes, the Fire cards are based on regular desktop GPUs that might have a few tweaks for OpenGL.
    AFAIK, MorphOS supports most of them up to the FirePro V4800 (and it may indeed support the FirePro 4900, as that is basically a Radeon HD7670).
    Your FirePro 2250 might be a better choice than the FirePro 2260 (except for the unfortunately limited PCIe connection), in that it is basically an R500 card and those have 3D support.

    I envy your procession of that SIL3114 card, but I don't know if you can boot from that.
    I used to own a G4 PowerMac with a bootable SATA controller (purchased from redrumloa), but I don't remember which chipset it had. Probably the SIL3112.
    I think it would all depend on the firmware supporting the controller (and vice versa, in other words, the controller I had was firmware compatible).

    BTW - If anyone with a PCI equipped Mac is interested, there is a bootable SIL3114 based controller listed on eBay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Port-SATA-PCI-Card-for-Apple-Macintosh-Mac-OS-PowerMac-G4-SSD-/132581321334

    On the partition layout, I don't think it would be any different than any other supported machine. Are you planning on dual (or triple) booting it (MorphOS, Linux, or OS4)?
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