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    Divinity schrieb:
    same as problem here with ATI 9800 flashed in PowerMac G5 and MorphOS 3.12 :( (if I remember correctly there was not this problem only in MorphOS 3.9 or 3.8)

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    I had similar problems with a Powerbook in the past (before MOS3.10). I replaced the Radeon-Driver (Mossys:devs/Monitors/Radeon) with a version from a earlier distribution (from where I know it works). In my case it works, but I'm not sure if it does it in your special case (R9800 flashed) and under MOS_3.12, because it seems that there are some deeper changes in driver-system since MOS_3.9 (-> e.g. see new drawer Mossys:Devs/Firmware/Radeon).
    I did a short test on my G5 (installed MOS_3.12/Radeon 9600)) with Radeon-driver 50.30 (from MOS_3.7) and for the first look it runs properly. Just try and test it. If it fails you can replace it back by booting from 3.12-CD.
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