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    I got similar issues on Pegasos 1 with MorpOS 3.06 and Voodoo 3 3000 PCI 16 bit 8 bit too and usually it fails to change screen resolution differently from 1024x768, ever over that res. Tried it on 3 different LCD moniors.

    Due to performance reasons, it is not advisable to use resolutions higher than 1024x768 with an old Voodoo 3 card. Apart from the severe lack of video memory, the lack of proper digital display ports is another issue that comes into play as you move towards higher resolutions.


    Then I got black screen on a new ATI 9250 128 MB PCI! But this video card can run fine on a PC Windows.

    As jPV has already explained, this is because of a bug in MorphOS 3.12, which is not present in older versions. In general, the Radeon will be a much better graphics card and is a decent choice especially due to the included 128MB of video memory.

    According to AmbientMui Voodoo 3 could handle FullHD but then it rarely switched below 1024x768 res.

    I opened a topic cause I'm not able to install 3.12 from 3.06. Now I know there's a bug on 3.12 but I guess even before.
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