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    Hello Papiosaur,

    In 207 I wrote an article for the french fanzine amigaPower and published one year later on Obligement here, http://obligement.free.fr/articles/powermacg5_decouverte.php . At the chapter 8 I speak about the problems I have encoutered with the graphic card ATI Radeon 9800. I do not any more know whether it was a pc card reflashed to work in powermac g5 or a genuine mac edition of this card. The problems I encoutered suggested that this grapic card did not like displaying ambient screen or nay other program in 16 bits mode. Display was corrupted, as in negative colors, with or without 'improved display' checked. And I do not tell you about games non sdl or sdl opening in full screen in 16 bits mode... Absolutly corrupted.

    Is this card from the non corectly working powermac g5 that I have sold to you in 2018 at the Āµalchimie or an other one ?

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