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    Jim schrieb:

    drzeissler wrote:
    Hi there, why does the G5-20" work and the G5-17" 1,9Ghz (x600pro) not?
    What hardware is the problem on the 17" model? Thx

    Yes, support (unofficial) for the 17" A1144 would be useful. I can get good buys on these, and I'd like to avoid rebuilding the coolant system on my G5 quad for awhile.

    Get some of those and send at least one to MorphOS team - then there might be a chance ...The only reason there is unofficial support for the 20" isight one is that I got hold of one quite some years ago and didn't want to keep it in the closet forever ...

    But seriously, we have plenty of machines supported already. We really don't have plans to expand the range even further. While it looks like some machines are just a (down)scaled version of some other model, it doesn't always scale that well on the software side of things and needs considerable effort to add support.
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