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    Zylesea schrieb:
    Frank, what's still stopping you from adding the iMac G5 to the official supported hardeware list? To my recognition none of the iMac users reported real issues. Except the fan thing which seems to affect only some users and can get fixed by the fan control program .
    I am pretty satisfied with my iMac G5. 3.15 runs fine on it.

    Well, maybe for MorphOS 3.16. We typically don't add additional hardware support for bug-fix updates. The main reason iMac G5 isight isn't officially supported is that there are plenty of other iMac G5 variants that don't work at all to run MorphOS, so you basically are on your own to look one up that works.

    Speaking of smooth experience, starting with MorphOS 3.15, the released installation hdimg - dubbed #?hybrid.hdimg for this reason - can be booted via USB stick on various supported Apple hardware if you dump the raw image to some USB stick directly and modify the boot device in OF via

    setenv boot-device ud:,\\:tbxi

    If it can't find a related USB device, it should fall back to HD/CD boot automatically. It will take a while until it times out on iMac for example but rather useful if you quickly need to boot from a MorphOS live image and don't have a CD at hand or your CD drive is already starting to act up.
    We will provide some more detailed information about this new installation feature at some later point.
    If you are already using a more complex boot menu or modified the boot process otherwise, this is probably less appealing.
    Unfortunately, the USB stick won't show up in the graphics boot menu which would make it even simpler but it seems Apple decided not to support that early boot feature back then.
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