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    If you want to do it automagically at every boot, you can add this in your user-startup :
    	C:talk2smu_setfan 0 2500 >NIL:
    C:talk2smu_setfan 1 2500 >NIL:
    C:talk2smu_setfan 2 2500 >NIL:

    You can modify 2500 by a number between 0 to 5000 (but 0 is maybe not a good idea ^^).

    /me doesn't put those lines in his startup but it's a good idea ^^

    Where did u find that talk2smu_setfan command ?

    This is no official tool, actually. I will probably release another update to the fancontrol UI tool that allows to define some minimum rpm values on startup.

    There is a new version 0.4 of iMacFanCtrl available at morphos-storage.net which allows to adjust minimum rpm values and which can also be configured to skip the UI in order to avoid any additional user interaction on startup launch.

    Just downloaded and installed. Thanks for the update.
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