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    DrZarkov schrieb:
    I've got last week an iMac G5 12.1, too, and it works very good with Morphos 3.13, except of course the missing boot-picture. But a much bigger issue is the not working Wifi. If the Wifi is turned on during installation, the computer will freeze after short time, if I open a window I will get the message "Application is meditating". With Wifi switched off during installation and Internet through good old LAN there is no problem at all.

    We got reports that the WiFi driver freezes with specific AP/WiFi setups, especially cable modem routers supporting 802.11AC. They seem to send something hostile to the 802.11B/G driver but we weren't able to identify the issue yet.
    Which type/brand/model of AP/Router H/W do you connect your wireless equipment to ?
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