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    Kwiatki75 schrieb:
    Good Price;-)
    and welcom another happy iser of iMac A1145
    The fans working not so good - so if you overload system, iMac probably freeze.
    But :-) more registered iMac = faster developing new MOS3.13 ? or 3.14

    Haven't put long lasting cpu stress to the system yet, but a few 720p videos stress the system at about 70% and the cpu meter says it comes up to 60°C.. Not too hot yet. The fan is about as loud as the fan of the mini, but the main tone seems to be a lower hz rate (the sound of the mini is a bit headache inducing)

    I am also positively surprised by the energy uptake. Idling around the system takes about 50W (incl. Display) on a bit load this comes up to 60-65W on mid/high load 80-90W.
    Taken the display into the calculation this is pretty on par with the mac mini + its display(LG 24").
    Not so nice though is the 11W stand by consumption. But a mechanical switch between plug and the power outlet will solve this issue.

    Also I read that changing the hdd is not a too simple tast. Then again I guess it would not be more difficult than replacing the hdd on Powerbook (which was a bit fiddly, but okay). Anyone already swapped the hdd? Unfortunately I am a bit short on time next days/weeks, dunno when I will do the hdd replacement and actual system migration.

    But first impression of the iMac is a nice one. I can imagine this will become may main MorphOS machine and will nicely bridge the time until MorphOS x64 eventually arrives. This is my 5th ppc computer (plus PowerUp) and I guess and kind of hope it will be my last ppc computer!

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