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    Methanoid schrieb:
    G5 Quad built in LAN isnt supported but I have not seen anyone say the WiFi is or is not supported? I ASSUME it is not since people talking about wanting PCIE LAN cards installed.

    BUT, the MOS support list includes ASIX USB-LAN adapters, so would this work? [...]

    Thanks for pointing out! I completely missed that some kind of USB-LAN with ASIX chipset are supported. Got in a Realtek card too, but as you said this decreases the choices for the 2nd MorphOS compatible AMD/ATI card.

    For this reason it would be nice if the G5 PCIe ethernet NIC [tg3] gets supported. Meanwhile I would be interesed too whether there are USB-LAN adapters with this ASIX chipset and whether they work on a G5?
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