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    Methanoid wrote:
    G5 Quad built in LAN isnt supported but I have not seen anyone say the WiFi is or is not supported? I ASSUME it is not since people talking about wanting PCIE LAN cards installed.

    G5 Quad could use the same internal AirPort Extreme card (A1027) as previous G5 Power Macs (more on that later).

    But first, there's one thing you should know: The PCIe G5 is meant to use the same AirPort Extreme/Bluetooth combo card (A1127) as Mac Mini or (late) G4 PowerBooks/iBooks (it's of course supported my MorphOS). It should sit on a proprietary 'Runway' card that fits into the AirPort slot just north of the memory banks (and the compatible AirPort/Bluetooth antennas cables are hanging next to the slot).

    This card, however (I mean the 'Runway'), is very hard to get and pricey as hell. So instead of using it you might just plug in the (also supported by MorphOS) A1027 and it will work. But neither of the built-in antennas will fit into the card connector - that means you need an additional antenna to make the card work for you. The cable should have a "MC card" (male) plug type if that helps.
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