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    sailor schrieb:

    It means that linux have thermal control of Powermac A1177 inside OS.
    So or linux (and MacOSX) controls the fans, or controls the SMU which do it independently.

    And maybe MorphOS lack this direct control, so SMU behaves differently.

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to prove here but it is known that MorphOS lacks software thermal control for PowerMac11,2. That is last but not least one reason - next to the missing onboard networking support - why its considered "unsupported" after all.
    The only thing that the SMU does is run the fans at full speed once the system crashes or is unresponsive.
    I already mentioned in the Mac mini thermal sensor related thread that the Mac mini is the only machine in the range of MorphOS Apple PPC hardware that controls the fans without active software control but uses its microcontroller to deal with it.
    The only thing that can be done via Apple's Service Diagnostic disc is thermal calibration of the fans to its default speeds on startup.
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