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    K-L wrote:
    It's normal behaviour.

    MorphOS doesn't use NAP with the G5. Your CPU idles at its full speed frequency.

    It has already been discussed on this forum.

    MacOS knows how to change speed frequency of the G5, MorphOS doesn't.

    For example, my G5 2,7 Ghz (and Beworld's too) is regulated at 86°C with fans at normal speed. When the temperature gets higher, fans ramp up to maintain 86°C.

    This is the same under MacOS by the way : fans will ramp up loud if speed geths higher than 86°C on my 2,7Ghz G5 (fans are not controlled by the OS but by the hardware). The OS only controls the frequency of the CPU (and only MacOS does this, not MorphOS). It is called NAP.

    Thanks for explanation. But I am afraid, I am in slightly other situation.

    Your Powermac is PCI-X A1047 type with fans controlled with PMU.
    Mine Powermac is PCIe A1177 type, controlled with SMU.
    There can be differences between PMU and SMU, but I don't know what.

    My PMac (tested last week) under MacOSX increase fans speed when CPU temp rises above cca 53°C.
    In MorphOS (at least 3.14-3.16 tested) temperature rises above 75°C and fans still on low RPM.
    Yes of course, I can test if fans starts above 80°C, but is not normal situation.
    At least this refutes the theory that only PMU / SMU controls the temperature. Pmac with MacOS behaves other way, it means at least something has to be different in OSes temperature/fan control or setup.

    Second example - my friend's Powermac G5 Dual core (i.e. A1177 like mine) has under MorphOS 3.16 temperature 50°C and then fans rises RPM. This is the same behavior like mine PMac under MacOSX.

    Last year I have also lower temperature with proper fan control. Unfortunatelly I have no screenshot or record, so I cannot proof this. Only remember it ;-)

    Maybe there is no problem with MorphOS, but maybe there is something in OF what has to be correctly setup before MorphOS start, who knows.


    BTW, 75°C is not overheating for you G5 (otherwise, the system would shut down automatically), the G5 is known to get hot.

    I know, this type of CPU have 105°C max temperature. But your 86°C is too much for long-time using from my point of view.

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