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    I upgraded to MorphOS 3.16 on my Powermac G5 Quad.
    This one is still unsupported, but because almost all working, so I have MorpOS registered.
    New Wayfarer is excellent, thanks! Youtube videos are fast, CPU utilization is 30-40% with mobile spoofing.

    But MOS 3.16 not operate correctly with fans. My G5 overheating, CPU upto 75°C and fans are still on low RPM.
    It is not HW issue, with MacOSX and linux it works normally - they increase RPM when temperature rises above cca 53°C. Also previous versions of MorphOS worked fine here.

    Do you have similar issues? Or please do you have some advice? Maybe something like iMacFanCtrl for Powermac helps.
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