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    Hi, I bought a PowerMac 11.2 PCIe with 2.3Ghz, because my old PowerMac G5 DualProcessor with 2.3Ghz and AGP port almost died.
    One CPU died already last year and I used it with one CPU with no problems. But since some time it only boots up occasionally. So I think the second CPU also died.

    There was a Nvidida gfx installed so I bought a Radeon x1900gt from ebay.
    It says X1900xt, but on the card is a sticker with x1900gt.

    My problem is now there is a loose cable from the fan, I don't know where do I have to connect it to??

    There are 3 pins on the card, which would fit the cable, is this the right connection?

    And I need an extra 6pin to 8pin power cable (ebay), right? Which I have to buy yet.

    Where do I have to connect this cable?

    Thanks in advance!
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