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    Jim wrote:
    It gives me an idea what I'm up against, cool.
    I'll dig up 2 #27 o-rings and some decent thermal paste. Not sure I shouldn't go with the Delco coolant though. I haven't looked, but I assume I'm dealing with a two pump Delco unit.
    And I'm going to need a few tools.

    Well, thanks again for the encouragement.

    Let me know where you source the tools and other parts needed Jim. I can probably find the long handle allen or torx wrench, but want to make sure I get the right size "O" rings. I need to rebuild the coolant system on my dual 2.7GHz G5 and sell it, if I'm not going to keep it as a backup system. I believe Doffo already rebuilt the LCS on my quad G5. I also still have a DP 2.5GHz G5 system, which has a motherboard that can only run one of the two G5's, that I could rebuild the LCS and donate to anyone wanting it to run MorphOS. Shipping would be prohibitive though, so it would have to be local pick up only.
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