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    koszer wrote:

    The coolant is a mix of ethylene glycol and water (50/50). I got my o-rings in some local bearing store. Of course most probably you'll need the tubing and clamps as well. But I guess it's not that complicated, just time consuming. And after you open the LCS up you'll probably not regret that you decided to service it.

    There you go, already translated the article for you. The translation is not perfect (and is missing the photos - I'll try to add them as soon as I find them), but it should do.

    It gives me an idea what I'm up against, cool.
    I'll dig up 2 #27 o-rings and some decent thermal paste. Not sure I shouldn't go with the Delco coolant though. I haven't looked, but I assume I'm dealing with a two pump Delco unit.
    And I'm going to need a few tools.

    Well, thanks again for the encouragement.
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